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Lots of work 'round here!

This was a busy summer and fall 2014 here at Church of the Resurrection.  There were several critical construction projects that had to get done and everyone pitched in sacrificially to do it. 

A New Shed

First we had to replace our old aluminum shed, which had collapsed from snow a couple of years ago and was being held together with chewing gum.  Someone donated a prefabricated shed as long as we disassembled it and carted it away. So we built a new platform and erected the new shed, which was twice the size of the old one.  


Rebuilding the Undercroft

The next project was to repair water damage to the undercroft. The church is old and has an old stone foundation which would occasionally leak. This caused the floor to rot out in some places. So in the beginning of August we began to tear out the walls and all the bad floor around the perimeter. This was a huge project and took us to mid October to finish.   Fr. Mirabile, Ed Wittkofski, Fr. Griffin, Aaron, Lucas, Laura, Barbara and Griffin and Inger Mirabile all worked tirelessly to get this big job done.  Special thanks to everyone who also cleaned up afterwards and painted. The goal was to have the project finished for the Mid October International Synod of of ACC Bishops who elected to gather at our cathedral.   The end result was magnificent and we were proud of everyone who worked so hard.


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